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Get job interview ready with your personal AI trainer

Practice hundreds of job interview questions with real-time facial and verbal expressions feedback

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Train Your Confidence To Land On Your Next Dream Job 

Get a command of your body language through practice. Avoid affecting the hiring manager's subconscious mind through negative facial expressions, long pauses and sub-optimal choice of words. Let the power of AI assist you in your journey to ace the most challenging job interview questions. 

Over 350 Job Interview Questions

Select from hundreds of Competency, Behavioural, Opinion and Brainteaser type questions.

Realtime Verbal Expression Analysis

Analyze your verbal expressions, such as sentiments and speech pauses, during the practice sessions.

Realtime Facial Expression Analysis

Let our AI engine analyze your facial expressions during practice and provide feedback.

Unique Insights & Confidence Score

See charts and time graphs for facial and verbal expressions data and get your confidence score.

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