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"Know thyself" before your job interview

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

"Know thyself" is an ancient proverb that encourages us to reflect on our behaviour while interacting with the world. Understanding our facial expressions is essential to this process, as it can provide valuable insight into our emotional state and behaviour. By closely examining our facial expressions and body language, we can understand how we feel, think, and act in different situations. This knowledge can help us become more self-aware and better equipped to handle difficult situations and interactions with others.

Job interviews are one of those high stake interactions in which the importance of "know thyself" is most pronounced.

Job interview preparation can be incredibly nerve-wracking. How do you ensure you come across in the best possible way, conveying confidence, poise, and professionalism? We have made the answer simple. You can train with Konfidence AI to understand your facial expressions and choice of words before going to your job interview. With this feedback, you can gain the confidence you need to ace the job interview and make an excellent impression.

Konfidence AI gives instant, honest feedback on the emotions you must convey during an interview. This feedback can range from detecting whether you are maintaining a positive facial expression while speaking to pointing out when your facial expressions don't match the tone of your speech. This kind of feedback can be extremely useful in helping you identify potential issues in your interview performance and make the necessary adjustments. Additionally, this feedback can help you project your confidence during the job interview and give you the edge to stand out from the competition.

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