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Preparing for an Amazon job interview

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

When preparing for an Amazon job interview, it is crucial to understand Amazon's Leadership Principles. These principles guide every decision and action taken by the company's leadership team, and a deep understanding of these principles can be invaluable during an interview. Be sure to review each principle carefully and think of ways you have exhibited them in your past experiences or could demonstrate them if given the opportunity.

With the right strategies and preparation, you can ensure that your answers to questions about Amazon leadership principles showcase your skills and experience. Here are a few tips on how to effectively answer some of the most common questions related to Amazon leadership principles:

Customer Obsession

How have you demonstrated customer obsession in your previous roles?

To demonstrate customer obsession, focus on providing examples of how you went above and beyond for customers or stakeholders by identifying their needs, creating solutions tailored to those needs, and following through until they were satisfied. Describe any initiatives you've taken in this area and their specific results.


Describe a situation where you had to take ownership of a complex problem.

When faced with complex issues, remaining calm under pressure and eager to find creative solutions is essential. Provide an example from your experience where you had to take ownership over solving an issue despite its complexity or difficulty—including details about what steps were taken along the way—and explain how a successful resolution was achieved.

Invent and Simplify

What techniques do you use to invent and simplify processes or systems?

Talk about ways you have successfully identified areas for improvement within existing processes or systems at prior companies (or even personal projects), such as streamlining redundancies or increasing efficiency through automation/digitization efforts. Make sure to emphasize any measurable improvements resulting from these changes!

Are Right, A Lot

Tell me about a time when you needed to make an important decision quickly, despite having limited information.

Demonstrate resilience in situations where quick decisions need to be made by walking through one such scenario step-by-step while explaining why specific actions were taken based on available data points at the time—as well as discuss any adjustments made afterwards if necessary due to learning more later on down the line once additional insights became available.

Learn and Be Curious

How would your colleagues describe your curiosity for learning new things and taking on challenging tasks?

Share anecdotes showcasing instances when inquisitiveness helped solve complex problems either independently or collaboratively with team members; highlight experiences where knowledge gaps were addressed proactively instead of passively waiting around for direction; illustrate situations wherein risks were embraced rather than shied away from to gain better understandings over particular topics/subjects matter.

Insist on the Highest Standards

How do you recruit and develop your team's best talent?

Talk about approaches used previously (if applicable), including anything from leveraging various sourcing tools & resources like LinkedIn Recruiter all way up to mentoring employees, so they become top performers overtime thanks to consistent guidance provided throughout their careers paths - emphasizing the importance both actively seeking great hires AND helping existing personnel grow professionally day after day via investment training opportunities offered throughout the year(s)

Insist on the Highest Standards

Share an example of how you've previously applied high standards within one of your projects or teams.

When answering this question, you must provide a specific example from experience in which you applied exceptionally high standards. Talk about what motivated you to maintain such high standards and how they ultimately resulted in success for your project or team. Describe what steps were taken to ensure that the quality of work was consistent with those expectations over time.

Think Big

Can you tell me about a project requiring innovative thinking from yourself or your team members to complete successfully?

This question can be answered by discussing a project without an easy solution. Through creative problem-solving skills and outside-the-box thinking, everyone involved created something unique that worked better than expected! Describe how each person contributed their ideas while focusing on the end goal - successful project completion - throughout the process.

Bias for Action

When has a bias for action helped drive results in any past role or project that stands out to you as particularly successful?

When responding here, focus on providing an example where immediate action enabled success despite challenging circumstances, whether staying focused when working under tight deadlines or making quick decisions when presented with complex problems without losing sight of long-term objectives! Explain why this situation stood out more than others due to fast response times and positive outcomes achieved by implementing swift solutions consistently throughout all stages of development/execution.


What strategies do you employ for budgeting resources and maximizing cost savings while meeting objectives?

When addressing this inquiry, highlight methods utilized to prioritize spending so resources are allocated appropriately according to departmental needs & goals; outline processes implemented around tracking expenses & analyzing data regularly to identify areas needing improvement & subsequently enhance efficiencies resulting in significant cost savings overall! Also, emphasize the importance of creating budget plans based on thorough research into competitive market prices combined with thoughtful considerations regarding ROI calculations ensuring maximum returns remain a top priority at all times regardless of type constraints present…

Earn Trust

How have you earned stakeholders' trust by consistently delivering results over time?

To answer detailed approaches employed to maintain ongoing communication between key decision makers, thereby creating a sense of mutual understanding, helps foster strong relationships necessary to build rapport, thus facilitating meaningful dialogue whenever issues arise. Eventually leading successful partnerships built upon trust and faithfulness demonstrated over time via consistent delivery of expected outcomes spite fluctuations in external forces beyond the control.

Dive Deep

Describe how diving deep into data and research has enabled a more informed decision-making process during any prior work experience.

To effectively answer this question, it is essential to provide specific examples of how you used data and research to make better decisions workplace. Talk about times when you went beyond surface-level analysis and delved deeper into the information available to develop an actionable solution or plan of attack for a project or initiative. Explain what steps were taken regarding data gathering and research and why those steps were necessary for making an informed decision at the time.

Deliver Results

Tell us about an occasion when achieving tangible deliverables was necessary due mainly in part to decisions made along the way.

This question requires you to demonstrate how your decision-making skills have helped contribute towards successful outcomes within past roles. Think back on occasions where clear goals were set from the beginning, which needed delivering upon - such as launching a new product or introducing a new system. Then explain how those objectives could only be achieved through careful planning and execution based on your choices throughout each stage of development - including resource management & allocation and problem-solving techniques.

Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit

What methods do you use to challenge decisions when disagreeing with them?

When answering the question about challenging decisions, it is essential to demonstrate an ability to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to evaluate decisions before taking action. Explain how you would weigh each decision's potential risks and benefits and consider other possible alternatives. Showcase examples of times when you have successfully challenged a decision to produce better results for your team or organization.

Strive to be Earth's Best Employer

How would you foster a personal growth and development environment in your team?

When discussing fostering a personal growth environment, focus on showcasing an understanding of the importance of individual development plans tailored to each person's goals and objectives. Highlight how creating open dialogue among employees can help promote learning opportunities while motivating them to strive towards personal growth. Demonstrate knowledge of various methods, such as coaching sessions, mentorship programs, and feedback sessions.

Success and Scale Bring Broad Responsibility

What do you believe are the most important responsibilities of a leader?

When answering this question, focus on the critical responsibilities of a leader, which include the following:

  • Setting clear expectations,

  • Providing guidance and support for team members,

  • Managing resources effectively and efficiently,

  • Making timely decisions based on data-driven insights,

  • Establishing solid relationships with stakeholders while promoting collaboration across departments or teams.

Additionally, they should maintain high ethical standards while striving towards continuous improvement by encouraging innovation in their operations.

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